In 2004, our son, Dr. John M. Croushorn, of Birmingham, Alabama, deployed to Balad, Iraq with the 185th Aviation Brigade as a Flight Surgeon. He logged 100 hours of combat flights evaluating crew performance. He said he saw a lot of war wounds in the lower part of the body you could not get a tourniquet on.

When he returned home to be an ER Doctor and a member of the Mississippi National Guard, he invented a belt that would stop that bleeding. The belt is called the Abdominal Aortic and Junctional Tourniquet (AAJT). The belt goes around the body at the belly button. It is winched down tight then a V shaped bladder is pumped full with air. The bladder presses the artery against the backbone and the bleeding stops.

John got a patented. The letter requesting FDA provisional approval had a cover letter from the Chief Medical Officer for Delta Force requesting expedited approval. It normally takes three years but took only three months. John found a manufacturer and formed a company called Compression Works, Inc. The invention was selected as one of the top ten inventions of the year by Popular Science in 2012:

The AAJT has been deployed with Special Operations Units around the world. It has saved lives. Go to the Compression Works website to read more about the AAJT: