We need to honor our military involved in special operations. A large number of those are Ranger qualified. One way to honor them is to use a “Ranger Stamp” on your mail.

The U.S. Postal Service does not create stamps for public purchase dedicated to U.S. Military Units because there are so many such units. The decision on the subjects of stamps comes from the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee.

Stamp Subject Selection Criteria #14 states “Due to the large number of individual units within the military services, stamps will not be issued to honor individual groups or units.”

However, the Postal Service has an excellent easy to use site of creating your own personalized stamp. You may create a $.44 stamp honoring Rangers. The Postal Service will charge you $21.98 for a sheet of 20 stamps, that is $1.01 per stamp. That includes mailing and taxes. That is high but I think it is worth it to get a stamp that honors Rangers.

Here are easy to follow instructions for you to create your stamp. You will need a credit card.

Step #1 Copy this photo to your computer desktop. Note the file name on your computer. You will be asked for that file name in the creation process.


Step #2 Go to the U.S. Postal Service web site

Click on the “Create PhotoStamps” button and follow the instructions. The process will allow you to “size” the photo to fit the stamp. You will receive your sheet of stamps in about a week.

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